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  1. Wow, finally you were able to post these shots! The island itself is enchanting ..Ily and Ef abd even guest were both delighted how it turned out..Until now I couldn’t imagine how we pull it through despite the short prep! lucky we got the best suppliers, you guys are amazing! Can’t wait for the magazine to come out soon:)

  2. Hi Lisa! Your wedding is beautiful. I was thinking of getting married on the same location. Did you have a wedding planner? I don’t know how to contact tugawe cove for reservations. They don’t have an email on their website.

  3. Hi Lisa, i accidentally deleted your e-mail. Please email me back.I have questions for you. Thanks.

  4. Hi Mylani, how are you? Liza here, wedding planner on Ily and Efren’s wedding. Ily is a dear friend.

    I can help you reach out Tugawe and even refer to trusted suppliers specializes on island wedding, if you dont have any yet.
    You may reach me through my email add: or skype: liza.gabrillo.maxim

    Thank you and talk to you soon!

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