KL & Jaquie


Jomel’s photos of our wedding captured the mood of our day brilliantly – informal, fun and individual. We found him a pleasure to work with, from initial contact to collecting our photos, and he was great fun, yet unobtrusive, on the day. I couldn’t have asked for more; they are all we dreamed of and much more. You have captured everything we wanted. We wanted natural photos that showed our emotions and you have captured this in every single way.

His package suited us perfectly and we were impressed by the number and quality of photos he provided. We would definitely recommend him. Thank you for all the memories of our perfect day.

Erwin & Sheva

As a couple we simply want our wedding to be wonderful and fun but as a photographer and a coordinator we wanted every detail documented, emotions captured and pictures that will tell us the story of our special day. In short we wanted a very good photographer. And so we did, we are very fortunate to work with sir Jomel Gregorio and the rest of his team. We invested on what is important to us and those pictures were priceless. 🙂
Thank you for being a mentor, good friend and our wedding photographer. Big thanks also to Ms. Nanette.:)

Efren & Ily

prenup shoot, prenup location,

Have absolutely nothing bad to say about Jomel, who captured our phenomenal engagement and wedding pictures.
Initially It was a struggle to look for someone who has done destination weddings…Our venue ???” Caramoan Island” also known for the location of the famous Survivor show. Another constraint was that we only have 2.5 months  left before our actual wedding day. We looked on several portfolios of different photographers but  Jomel’s pictures of like paintings with great lightings captured our picky eyes. He and his team are unbelievably talented and great on their job.
Having a destination wedding on a very remote place was a challenge to everyone but Jomel’s team withstand the long travel on air, land and rough seas… with all the obstacle course on a survivor kinda venue…pictures turned out to be AMAZING!!! He nailed it without any complaints.He made us feel comfortable like a barkada.  He has a lot of sense of humor too and very keen to details.
Jomel and his team certainly aren’t cheap by any means, but we are so glad we didn’t cut cost in getting the right photographer. We are thrilled that we have amazing photos around our home to remember one of the most important days of our lives.
To Jomel and his team, keep up the good work!

prenup, Manila best wedding photographer

Jomel is an artist by heart, evident in his photographs and paintings. We always admire how he view things differently. He is a very passionate artist who makes sure his clients are happy and satisfied. His works are definitely commendable and artistic. We, without doubt, made the right decision to have him as our wedding photographer!

Our engagement shoots were always fun and exciting. He directed us to the right angles and  perfect places. His passion for shooting was overflowing that we didn’t even notice how long we were shooting! Bring him anywhere at anytime, he will not complain and will gladly shoot. That is how much he loves his work and how passionate he is. The wedding itself was very smooth and shots were magnificent. Even the raw pictures were picture perfect. We are glad and lucky to have found him. You will never go wrong with your decision to book him as your photographer. More power to you Jomel and good luck on your future endeavours!


Melvin and I had a year to plan our wedding and Jomel was the first photographer we saw at a bridal fair in SMEX. We were impressed not only with his fabulous photos, but also on how professional, friendly and accommodating he was to us. We tried going around the fair to see what other photographers can offer, but at the end of the day we chose Jomel to capture the best memories of the biggest day of our lives as a couple.
Jomel made us realize that choosing a wedding photographer is an important wedding related decision because pictures are passed down through generations.  Our wedding will only last a day, but the photos will last a lifetime.
Thank you Jomel for capturing the best moments during our wedding day and for the awesome prenup shoot! We enjoyed working with you and your team! Your style in photography is timeless. I’m confident that we will be happy with the pictures for many years to come.:D

God bless you more!


Getting married is such a fantastic experience but on the day it can also be very stressful, hoping everything is going to turn out ok and go according to plan. That’s why when I chose Jomel and his team, I knew I made the right decision…

His fun and friendly approach put us all at ease during photo sessions. When we had our engagement shoot, we hardly knew we were being photographed which resulted in some natural shots. On the day, he made us, our families and guests at ease and successfully kept us all smiling. The photographs were truly amazing, he had captured the day better than we could have hoped. The quality of the images was outstanding and we couldn’t have been happier with them. The only part we found difficult was making the selection for our wedding album, as there were so many beautiful images to choose from!

His shooting style is highly unobtrusive and candid. He doesn’t get in the way. He doesn’t direct events but rather, wait for them to unfold. We felt like he was more of a friend or a guest rather than our wedding photographer! We both had a great day to remember & the pictures really show this & remind us of what a perfect day we had. A creative individual with a flair for photography and a good eye for what makes a great shot. Thank you seems inadequate. Maybe my words are not enough in showing our appreciation of your work. One thing I can say though, if all my fingers are thumbs, I’d raise them all up for you!!!   We wish you and your troupe many more happy couple to photograph and an abundance of blessings! Thank you  Jomel and Nanette!


When Rollan and I were searching for our wedding photographer, we must have visited a dozen websites. Many websites showed the same uninspiring poses and props over and over again to the point that they literally blurred together. Then we came across Jomel’s website late in our search and were very impressed by the exceptional way he seemed to immerse himself to his subject matter. I’m sure most artists believe that their art is a personal extension of themselves but in his case it really is! This is evident in the way he intuitively know how to capture people and moments even the seemingly insignificant ones. Jomel has a rare gift for understanding the personalities, emotions and underlying feeling of an event…..he certainly did this for us. When my father-in-law died on the same day of our wedding, Jomel carried on and captured the grief, the passion, the joy and all that mixed emotions surging everyone with his ingenuity and candidness. We do not know anyone who does it better than Jomel!

Thank you for making our special day so much more memorable! From the outset your service has been remarkably warm, friendly & professional. You took the time to understand what we wanted & certainly had the skill to carry through to the finished proofs. We will keep a good souvenir not only in our heart, but also with the pictures!


Jomel was way far 2 years known to the bride even before the engagement…

We have gone to so many bridal fair photographers. We have had so many brochures of photographers that could have saved us so much, but, I guess God only wants the best for us…

When we went to Jomel’s studio in Las Pinas it was love at first sight for Dave and a calling for me. He did not pressure us in any way to get him for our wedding, but, like the song goes, ‘after all the starts and stops we keep coming back to Jomel’. And I can surely say, we did not make a mistake in doing so…

From the Prenup to the Wedding day itself Jomel and his team exceeded our expectations. They were very professional in all aspects. On the day itself, they did not only come in the hotel on time but they came in an hour earlier from the call time. And Jomel, with his white pants outfit captured attention from our guests, “Photographer mo ba yung nakaporma na nakamamahaling camera?, ang cool!”  (beat that!). Usually, the prenup presentation would be the boring part of the program, but, because of the wonderful and outrageous pictures from Jomel our guests did not even blink while watching it.

And because of his coolness and professionalism we are so sure that our big day is picture perfect.

All praises to Jomel and his team! God Bless!


We encountered Jomel at a bridal fair more than a year before our wedding. We were already impressed the first time we saw his works, but we decided not to book him ahead to keep our options open since he was one of the first photographers we encountered. What happened is that we had his work set as our standard of what we look for on others. Finally, it came to our senses. Who are we kidding? The only photographer that can give us an equally good or better quality of work than Jomel is Jomel. We did not wait for another bridal fair, we booked him.

He was easy to deal with and interesting to talk to. He has overflowing with ideas, concepts, and stories. He loves what he does and he is very passionate about it.

We had our engagement shoot a month before the wedding. We were very excited about the shoot. Our theme was James Bond Casino Royale and the venue was in a yacht sailing at Manila Bay. We know that this is one big challenge to any photographer primarily because of the constant motion on board the yacht and secondly due to the pile of garbage in the waters of Manila Bay. But we have faith in Jomel’s skills. And he did not fail us. Even the raw shots were impressive. Every picture taken was like “WOW” to us. And not only was he a professional photographer, but a good model trainer as well. I copied all my poses from him because he literally did strike the pose. Good thing there was no extra charge. J

Later that day, we had a second shoot at Fernbrook Gardens. This time it was a Grecian themed. The venue was quite common for engagement shoots but Jomel was able to conceptualize uncommon scenes and captured a different style. We were amazed on how he made used of the sunlight/sun rays on the pictures. His work was really one of a kind.

We enjoyed every part of the shoot.  Jomel made us feel like we were celebrities on that day, we were always prioritized and well taken care of. We were actually more than an hour late, but when we got to the location, he was still cool. He never stopped shooting/working even if he got really dizzy because of Manila bay’s waves. And not to mention, the pictures were perfectly captured still. Amazing, right? The shoot was so exciting that tiredness only came to our senses when we were already heading home.

The wedding experience was no different, his work continued to be exceptional. Jomel, and his associate photographers were full of ideas. They know how to keep every moment lively. No dull moments as in. No matter how boring we are. 😀

And just when you thought that their work is done because the ceremony was over, they still managed to conceptualize some shots even hours after the end of the wedding. Their team really exceeded our expectations. Even our families and guests were all praises with how they work and its outcome.

The candid but flattering shots, they were amazing – emotions captured. Pictures, were not just pictures, they were a silent story of what took place on our wedding day. We saw everything we need to see through his work as if he told us the story of JM and Erna’s wedding.


Jomel, No words can express how awed I am by your work. Thank you so much for being part of our wedding. You have captured the happiness, fun and love of our wedding. Beautiful and awesome photos!great job! You are definitely part of what made our entire  wedding SUPER!=) God bless you and Nanette.

Carlos & Elizabeth

Boracay Wedding Photographer, boracay weddings
In our search for a photographer, we needed very specific things. We wanted someone who can capture the essence of who we are as individuals and the love we share because we are those people, and also who knew how to fully document the celebration of love and devotion of our union. Jomel captured these moments not only precisely, but with his laid back cander, shared humor, gracious patience and ability to understand the needs of my wife, daughter and our immediate family his talent and services had surpassed our expectations.
Jomel not only hosted us through our time in the Philippines but he and his team provided their services with impeccable professionalism and service that is very rare to find. The finished product from Jomel was phenomenal. Our same day wedding edit slideshow, our pre-nup photos, our engagement photos, the wedding ceremony and reception was captured in its entirety.
We were provided with a beautiful guestbook, a wedding photo album far beyond our expectations and the complete photosets on DVD. We are not only elated by our experience with Jomel but we would highly recommend, vouch for and promote Jomel, his talents and services. Most of all we gained lifelong friend in sharing our most cherished experience, in love life and God with him. Thanks again Jomel!!

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